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Dental Tips

"I don't like to floss."

We hear this frequently from our patients (and sometimes even from our own families). Admittedly, flossing takes a few minutes and requires a little practice to learn how to maneuver the floss through the teeth.

Think of cleaning your teeth like washing a car. You would never skip washing the hood of the car or the bumper, right? When you brush, you only clean the sides and the top of the tooth. We want our patients to understand that cleaning between the teeth with floss is just as important as brushing the other surfaces.

By helping rid the mouth of harmful bacteria, flossing helps prevent tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Plus, because your mouth is cleaner, your breath will be fresher and ready for those close-up moments when it counts!

There are dental floss aids that can help reach all the corners of the mouth, some hold a small section of floss, others are soft toothpicks or small cone-shaped brushes. The key is to clean between the teeth and just slightly below the gum line.

Here's a short video on how to floss from the American Dental Association®.

We would love for you to Contact Us with your questions about flossing (really!). Take good care of your smile, it's priceless!

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